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Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility

Same Day DVT Exam Available



The most cost-effective and convenient way of performing ultrasound exams on your patients.

Schedule your patients at your location, and our experienced technologists will provide the required equipment, scan your patients, and submit the reports as fast as the same day.

Simply order ultrasound exams for your patients, and our experienced Technicians will perform the exams in the convenience of your patient's home, and you will receive the report as fast as the same day.

No Minimum number of studies or patients is required.

Ultrasound scanning diagnostic of woman thyroid gland in clinic, doctor runs ultrasound se

Same Day Service Available

The most cost-effective and convenient way of performing ultrasound exams on your patients.

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Who We Are?

We provide the most accurate, reliable, and professional ultrasound exams in accordance and compliance with the American Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) and AIUM, as well as the American Heart Association and the American Society of Radiology guidelines.

 Our experienced Ultrasound technicians are board-certified and highly experienced in each modality, following the radiology protocols.

Board certification is not optional for our technicians but is a requirement. 

We have the fastest turnover performing almost all ultrasound exams as fast as the same-day service.

We are affiliated with reputable medical colleges and ultrasound schools and provide training for top-grade graduates of Ultrasound schools of Platt College, West Coast, and Kaplan College.

What we do?

We perform the ultrasound exams in the patient's home using the latest equipment and technology in accordance with HIPPA guidelines and safety and security and fully insured technicians promptly in consideration of the patient convenient time and location. 

We can also provide ultrasound services in your clinic or outpatient center or any required facility like retirement homes, dialysis centers, Care home facilities, or Boarding care facilities.


Our Clients

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